Thursday, 19 September 2013

AAAAAAaaaaarrr, me hearties!

My pirate
AAAAAaaaaarr, me hearties!

Today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, so....buckets of blood! Where's me doubloons? Who took me treasure map? This wooden leg hurts and my polly wants a cracker.

Yeah, I'm not a very good pirate. I don't think I have the dashing rakery that it requires. Or Johnny Depp. I don't have Johnny Depp either, more's the pity. I'm sure I'd be a better pirate if Johnny Depp was around.

Pirate from The Book
My very first recurring nightmare was about pirates. I was about three years old, and it was a very strange two-dimensional nightmare that was basically a re-enactment of whichever Captain Pugwash episode I'd watched recently, right down to the cardboard cut-outs they used for the animation.

Do you remember Captain Pugwash - and Cut-Throat Jake? Boy, children's tv used to be so much more terrifying . Perhaps my fragile infant mind picked up on the undercurrent, despite the cardboard cut-outs they used, because I used to find myself crawling into bed with my daddy in the wee hours of the morning, panicked and sobbing with fright.

However, I am quite good at drawing treasure maps. I used to spend hours drawing myself imaginary treasure maps and then acting them out. Which sounds a bit redundant, because, you know, I'd drawn the map so I always knew where the treasure was. But such is the power of a childhood imagination - it can overcome petty things like reality, and knowledge, and truth; and instead just have a whacking good time crawling around the garden and into cupboards and up trees.

And then of course there's this cake from The Book, which I must say I am VERY happy with. Although the pirate himself looks like he's been down on his knees, swabbing the decks or something. What gives with that expression? It is not a very happy cake for a children's book!

And apart from some errors of proportion on the chocolate biscuit eye patch, I'd say it's pretty darn close to the original. Right down to the picture on the earring! Although the earring itself is a silver button from my sewing collection, because I couldn't find the right gold one.

It's an incidental detail, but .... I'm sure if I presented this to Captain Pugwash, he'd have made me walk the plank. And then I'd have had nightmares about it forever.


  1. Wow, that is a really good rendition - I had to go back and forward a couple of times to spot any differences!

    Also you had nightmares about Captain Pugwash?!? I always found him a slightly inept pirate, which is probably why his cabin boy and the other pirate were actually in charge. Maybe it was a foreshadowing of corporate culture, in which the least competent rise to the top... ;-)

    1. I know, I know - obviously it was too much for my tiny mind; or maybe it was something to do with the sharpness of the waves they used in their cardboard cutouts (I remember those waves very distinctly)'s funny what scares us when we're young!

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