Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Let the 2013 cake baking commence!

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Well, readers - happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

I hope that wherever you are, you managed to have a great break over the holiday season. I hope you lay around and ate a lot of Christmas cake. I love Christmas cake in all its fruity alcoholic glory, and I especially love that thick, sweet marzipan icing. Mmmm, marzipan icing.

I also hope you're ready to read all about cake in 2013. I had a baking break over the holidays but that is over now and the project is ON again.

The nicest thing happened to me before the year was out though. It was at the office Christmas party, during the formalities. I won a cake-related award!
I was given half a dozen bottles of beautiful champagne as a thank you for all the cake I have brought into the office over the past nine months. Everyone said how the cake brings them together and helps build team spirit. I swear, I was so touched I nearly cried.

So I'm very glad that I also decided to put cake into my 2012 performance review document. Along with the other dot points about what I achieved at work over the year, I wrote this:

" I am a strong contributor to organisational culture and I have single-handedly raised expectations about what it is possible to achieve with icing and coloured coconut."

It's true. There was a lot of coloured coconut in 2012.

And that brings me to 2013, where I will attempt some or all of the following:
  • the Cake Of Kisses made from meringues, 
  • the Sweet Shop, using the sweet little Bo Peep lollies that reader Sue so kindly picked up for me when Darrell Lea went bust
  • the Fairy Castle, for a male colleague who picked it out for his birthday months ago
  • and of course the SWIMMING POOL!!!!!!!!!!! for my very own birthday in April.
2013, I'm ready for you.

Let the cake baking commence!


  1. Hooray! Very glad to hear that you are back into the baking swing of things! You certainly shouldn't have any trouble with getting your butter to soften at room temperature, given the weather we're having...

    Dare I hope that you'll blog the rubber duckie cake? You posted such enticing photos of it on Facebook but then no post! I've been longing to find out how it went!

    1. Ah, the rubber duckie cake! Yes indeed, that was the one I was thinking about as I lay in bed last night mentally counting the cakes that I've made but not blogged (there are about 10!!). Stay tuned!

    2. My mother went to the Josh Earl versus the Australian Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book show last year, when it was in her home town, and bought a "Chip Lips" teatowel. She thought the "Chip Lips" song was the best. :)
      Apparently, if you got the rubber duckie for your birthday it was a sign that your mother didn't love you. Personally, given how much work it looked to be, I'd have taken it as a sign of adoration!

    3. Also want to know how the gingerbread man cake turned out!

  2. Happy New Year! Looking forward to many cake treats. Um, 'treats'?!

  3. I am so excited to have found this Blog and facebook page! We had this book gowing up, the best memories of my birthdays was picking the cake, and so I got one for my kids to carry on the tradition. Not every cake they have comes from the book but most will :) And to start of I made the same cake I had for my first birthday for my 1st born's first birthday :)


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