Friday, 9 November 2012

I Caked It Myself: the iPod cake

Today's submission to I Caked It Myself is the very model of a modern birthday cake, to (mis)quote The Pirates Of Penzance.

Lara writes:

My friend Jane made this for her daughter Claire's 10th birthday - her birthday present was an iPod, so the matching cake was absolutely perfect!  

It was a family effort - each member of the family decorated three "apps" to go on the cake.  Food colouring was used as paint throughout.  

The cake was gluten-free chocolate cake - and it was absolutely delicious!

I think my favourite bit is the earbuds. I would definitely have staked a claim on those. 

Monday, 5 November 2012

The Giraffe Cake

My giraffe
the original
Here is the giraffe cake. 

I am not sure what to say about the giraffe cake. 

It has not distinguished itself in any way, this giraffe cake. It was not too hard. It was not too easy. It did not cause me to weep in the middle of the kitchen like a deflated meringue. 

It was fine. My version is a little fatter all over (more acacia trees for lunch, perhaps?) and I got that spot in the middle wrong, I put it mashed up against the left eye instead of directly underneath it.. 

Other than that, there's not much to say.

Oh, there is ONE lesson for young players. If you're making this cake the night before, WAIT to do the licorice horns .... do them the next morning. 

If you do them the night before, like I did, the licorice will dry out overnight and break into a squillion inch-long pieces, instead of staying wrapped nicely around the paddle pop sticks. 

Then the next morning when you have to take it work for the executive assistant of the CEO, for her birthday, you will have a mild spasm when you see the broken bits, and have to do it all over again in a state of semi-panic. So, wait.

That is all.

Friday, 2 November 2012

I Caked It Myself: bumper edition from Kate!

It's Friday, readers, and this week things are different.

Normally Friday sees me heaving my sorry self onto the sofa, while clutching a glass of wine as though my life depended on it. Which it usually does, let's be honest.

But today people - TODAY - I am swanning around in Dubai and preparing to head to Kathmandu in Nepal. I probably had a huge dinner last night with friends, and I know I definitely went to my tailor to pick up a new summer wardrobe he's been sewing for me. It is warm. It is sunny. It is magnificent.

And so in the spirit of celebration I bring you a bumper edition of I Caked It Myself, from reader Kate.

Kate writes:

Hello fellow cake-aholic!

A good friend of mine put me onto your blog and I've been checking it out just now. I was compelled to write to you and send you some of the cakes I've made for my kidlets over the past few years.

Women's Weekly Cakes trigger so many delicious and delightful memories for me. My mum was a cake whiz and each year she used to let us choose which birthday cake we wanted out of the well-read, tattered copy of the Women's Weekly Kids' Cakes book. We would spend weeks perusing the pages slowly, trying to imagine how good they would taste. The ones with maximum lollies were always our favourites.

I've carried on this tradition with my kids, but I've been challenged to break the mold a bit lately with a few cake requests outside of 'The Book'!

I'll continue to follow you efforts to make every cake in the WW Book. Goodluck and happy baking :)

I know it is technically not a Women's Weekly cake, but I think Yoda is my favourite in this submission. It is the stuff of legend. Kids would have been talking about that for WEEKS. At the birthday boy's 21st, they will refer to this cake. It is so amazingly realistic! 

You can see more of Kate's marvellous creations at the tumblr blog she's set up - click this link and you'll go right there. 

May the force be with you!

The swimming pool! 

The castle, with spectacular grey icing - how did she do that??

This may be the cutest cake I have ever seen.

The train - doesn't everyone want a train!