Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween from the Good Witch!

The Good Witch wishes everyone a happy Halloween!

She is getting ready to fly off on her broomstick tonight, to Nepal, India and Dubai. She is totes excited about this and is having trouble holding it all inside.

It's the reason her icing is more of a maroon than a purple - when she was putting her dress on last night she DID NOT HAVE THE PATIENCE to get the colour exactly right, because she was TOO EXCITED TO THINK STRAIGHT and wanted to get back to her packing. Packing is important.

She spent a good fifteen minutes arsing about with five drops of this and ten drops of that, and fifteen more drops of this and twenty more drops of that - and all to no avail. So she knocked it on the head and spent a far more enjoyable hour considering the merits of dotted swiss voile over cotton poplin. Even witches have to have some down time.

So she does not consider this cake her best work. But she does not care because soon she will be on holiday! With dotted swiss voile!

The Good Witch is at work today but is so on edge that she may need to go outside at some point and screech with excitement to relieve the tension.

The Good Witch will be gone for nearly a month, but fear not - she has cast a spell and blog posts will appear by magic while she is away.

For cakey goodness, keep reading this blog (of course!).

For all the tales of her travels, check out All Toile And No Reward.....

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  1. This Witchy Witch is every bit of purple-y-ish cool ... very nicely done even if the passport is calling! Have a sensational trip ... I remember this one ... was a favourite ... might look through some pics sometime as I think it was made for me at some point!!


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