Friday, 27 July 2012

I Caked It Myself: the Ladybird

Tra la la, oh happy day, Friday's here, kahloo kahlay! That is my happy Friday song. But you may sing it too if you like. Go on - it'll do wonders for your tired, workaday soul.

O Friday, how I love your lovely end-of-weekiness. It means rest is around the corner, sleep is practically within grasp, and it's time to let someone else step into the limelight until I shove them rudely out of it again and hog the spotlight myself once more.

Today's contributor to I Caked It Myself is the gorgeous Anna, who has submitted the ladybird for your edification. 

Anna writes: 

I love your blog (ed: why thank you Anna! You are a very nice person, and I must say that you clearly have impeccable taste.) and for a recent friend's birthday she said that she wanted a ladybird cake. 

Where better than to go to the Australian's Woman's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book where so many of my childhood cakes were made from!

As you can no longer buy black smarties, I bought large chocolate black buttons.

The cake was a huge success with my friends.

Good luck with all your remaining cakes!  I can't wait to see how you go with the train- that was always my favourite!

Thank you Anna for your lovely email, and for the photos of your wonderful ladybird! I also cannot wait to see how I go with the train, which everyone is dying to see and therefore also inadvertently providing me with the perfect excuse to hold off making it for some time yet in order to build the anticipation. 

Anna, I also admire how well you adapted the cake by using chocolate buttons - they look absolutely delicious. And I know only too well how annoying it can be, when you have decided to make a cake from The Book and you go out to procure all the proper bits and pieces only to find they've stopped making black smarties, or pink wafers, or tiny dolls, or a certain kind of squishy jube.

Did you know that the reason Smarties are now their kind of pale and insipid colours instead of the vibrant eye-bashingly colourful sweets we remember from our childhoods, is because Nestle decided to take out all the artificial colourings?

Now, I can understand that from a corporate social responsibility point of view. I can understand it from an organic-muesli-mummy-gumboots kind of view. But I cannot accept it from an authenticity point of view. Do they know how cross it makes me? Do they? It's like when they renamed those tiny lolly cigarettes "FADS". They weren't fooling anyone.

As a woman without children, I am MORE than prepared for every other mum across Australia to have to deal with their kids bouncing off the walls from artificial colourings if it means I can have the proper lollies at hand to lovingly recreate cakes from The Book. Isn't that magnanimous of me. 

Humph. Perhaps I should write a letter. 

Or better yet: do you think that if we gathered enough support through Facebook, that we could pressure Nestle to reinstate the black Smartie??? 

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