Tuesday, 12 June 2012

What I Did On My Long Weekend .....


Ah, the Queen's Birthday Long Weekend. An opportunity for a weekend away in the country, with flowers, chocolate and beau. A weekend for, ahem, "sleeping in". A weekend of slow days, late rising and far too much red wine.

Or in my case, an opportunity to finish reading the ridiculous and yet somehow strangely compelling Fifty Shades Of Gray and then clean out the pantry. Glamorous! What an exciting life I lead.

I don't know what's worse - that I read Fifty Shades Of Gray, or that I cleaned out the pantry. Or that I enjoyed both?

But you know what's even sadder? It's the amount of time I spent opening and closing the pantry door yesterday once it was all finished, just so I could gaze upon the wondrous organisation therein.

Seriously, you should see my pantry. It is magnificent. Someone should write a poem about it.

This was no ordinary pantry clean-up. There was chucking out. Ruthless chucking out of outdated stuff. There was tidying. There was co-mingling of old sauce. There was probing of hidden, dusty corners, and extraction of ancient jars. There was de-spidering and people, there was Spray N Wiping.

I felt such a sense of smug satisfaction that I immediately wanted to do something totally irresponsible and stupid, just to restore balance to the universe.

But there wasn't much time left in the day, and I'm storing up my irresponsibility and stupidity for something REALLY good. Please send your suggestions to my email address. All entries will be properly considered.

So instead I made the snail cake.  His shell is not quite the right colour.... it's a little bit too much yellow and a little bit not enough apricot. And you know what? I decided I wasn't going to fix it.

My, how rebellious of me!

(I do not know why Blogger has insisted on putting this photo sideways.  Perhaps it is rebelling too.  I am sorry.) 


  1. BAD. TO. THE. BONE.

  2. I did similar things... but with my library... ;)

  3. Did the same thing with my sons room as you did with the pantry. AND kePt going back to admire my handiwork!!!! Love the snail.......any ideas for Thomas the Tank theme? Master 3 in August wants a Thomas cake. Am shaking in my boots!!!
    Hope you are well. Loving the blog xx

  4. Hmmm... Not the most exciting cake from the collection!

  5. I like the soothing curves his shell makes. And his eyes; I don't think I'd noticed them in The Book before.

    I don't suppose you'd like to come over to my place and organise my pantry? no? sigh...

    (My Mum went on a notorious pantry-organising binge in 2002, and threw out a packet of cocoa from 1978. She had to be persuaded to toss it though- "it might still be good!")


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