Friday, 1 June 2012

And The Cake Winner Is ......

Last week I posted about reaching the magic milestone of 100 followers on Facebook, woot woot! And I promised cake to one lucky Melbourne reader who left a comment either on my Facebook page or here on the blog.

A mere week later and somehow my follower numbers have skyrocketed to 270, so I wish I could make cake for every lovely person who has shared a link, liked a photo or left a comment. You are all wonderful!

But as they say in Highlander : there can be only one.

(An aside: do you realise that Highlander was made in 1986? Can you believe it? But still, Christopher Lambert - still phwoar.) 

"Melanie" is the lucky winner of a cake of her choice! I think her comment embodies a true love of cake - real, homemade birthday cake. Cake that is not prententious with flower water or nut meal. Cake that revels in its sugary goodness. Cake that knows who it is, and what it's for, and isn't afraid to shout about it. I totally get that.

Not only is Melanie a down-to-earth cake lover, I am in awe of the fact that she heaved herself from her post-birth bed after only two weeks, in order to put together a semblance of cake for her toddler's birthday.

I am sure that if I ever gave birth I would require at least six weeks of proper old-fashioned "confinement" in the traditional sense, sitting up in my bed wearing a satin bedjacket and fainting with exhaustion every time the wet nurse brought me the child for ten minutes of patting time before whisking it away to the nursery again.

So in my world, Melanie's effort shows true devotion to the craft. And the family. Which is everything The Book stands for.

Here is Melanie's winning comment:

What I love most about your blog is that it makes me want to eat cake. Not 'adult' cake with nut meals or flower waters in them, but proper butter cream smothered, artificially coloured toddler birthday cakes, with smarties or marshmallows on them. And then, given some time, I usually get my hands on some and eat it, and I wouldn't have looked without the initial prompt. So thank you! You also inspired me to make a proper birthday cake for my two year old last week. Unfortunately for him I'd just given birth to his sister a fortnight prior, so inspiration went nowhere and all he got was a dozen badly iced cupcakes cunningly disguised with sprinkles, but at least I got to eat four of them. Bless you.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who left a comment, or has read a post, or sent a link to friends. Because readers, without you I'm nothing. After all, if a blog post falls in the interwebs and no one is there to read it, does it even exist at all?

And on the apex of that existential question I shall send this post off down the fibre-optic cable, and keep my fingers crossed that you read it. Because when you do, you breathe life into my words.


  1. Congratulations Melanie...stuff your face with cake and ENJOY every crumb xxx

  2. I live in Perth so couldn't put my hand up (boo hoo for me) Congrats Melanie! I wonder what cake she will pick???

  3. Holy freaking crap! YAY!! The last time I won something I think it was a lower placing in the Westpac maths competition in year 7, and this is MUCH more exciting!


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