Monday, 21 May 2012

Timothy Tiger And His Cub-cakes

What's your sign? I'm told that's a classic pick-up line, used mainly by Americans.

But I have to say: really? Maybe only if you grew up in the sixties. In which case aren't you a little beyond the superficiality of pick up lines?

Personally, no one's ever used it on me. I've had some humdingers in my time mind you, but nothing this ... euuuw-inspiring.

I think the Pick-Up Line Prize goes to my friend Susan, who once had a bloke come up to her in a bar during the late nineties. Without breaking eye contact he took hold of her hand, leant in close to her ear and whispered the intoxicating phrase "......I'm a stockbroker.".

Now wouldn't that just make you want to rip off your pants with excitement.

Anyway, my sign is Aries. It's a fire sign. Apparently we are all impulse and spontaneity and adventurousness; brimming with headstrong excitement, passion and a not insignificant tendency to want to dominate, like, everything and everyone. Everywhere. All the time. Ahem.

In my Chinese horoscope however, I was born in The Year Of The Tiger (and I love that this link comes from the "US bridal guide". Please do consider it your essential guide to bride shopping).

Being a tiger is brilliant. Tigers are my favourite animal and always have been. At the zoo as a child, all I wanted to see was the tigers. I think it's something about the stripes. So I would much rather be a tiger than a monkey, for example. I hate monkeys. Especially when they are in ads and dressed up like people. And most of all when they are on tv and wearing nappies. That is just all kinds of wrong.

But I digress. The Tiger is a born leader. Apparently, the rage of a tiger is terrible to behold but it also gives them the adrenaline needed for the sublimest of bravery.

ANYWAY, I'm getting to the point, I promise. Recently my office colleague had a birthday, so I invited him to choose a cake. He chose the train, and I said no. Then he suggested the swimming pool and I said NO FREAKING WAY. Behold my terrible rage. Sensibly, he chose the tiger.

In making Timothy The Tiger, I had enough cake mixture left over to make some cupcakes. Which makes these tiger cub-cakes. Geddit? Cub-cakes? Which made me laugh and laugh for days at the terrible joke therein. Even my office colleagues groaned a bit at that one.

But no one made too much of a thing of it, because you know what they say, don't you?

Never pull a tiger by the tail.......


  1. Haha.. tiger cubcakes. Love it!

    The worst pickup line I've had was a bloke show me his keyring and whisper in my ear that he drives a BMW...

    Wow. Totally impressed. Not.

    If you ever want to try tiger cupcakes using fondant (so much easier than icing - think playdo) I have a tute here

  2. Hi Bronnie - that is a brilliant fail at a pick up line! Also, your tutorial is wonderful, those cubcakes are about a hundred times cuter than the shoddy ones I put together. I must take lessons from you!

  3. Cub-cakes! Genius. Such a gorgeous cake too.

  4. Great job. I can't tell your cake from the original!!

  5. When we were kids, my favourite animal was a tiger and my twin sister's was a lion. For our 9th birthday our wonderful mum made Timothy the tiger AND Leonard the lion! Best birthday ever - although now I realise it was lacking in cub-cakes ...

  6. Cool tiger - I really want you to do the train......ppllleeeaassseee. I would love to make it for my son (I'm the one who can't bake a cake - well too scared to try!). I would love to see you do it!!!!! (go the year of the tiger by the way!!). Keep up the great work!

  7. Dear Flickettysplits,

    I love you and your blog so much.

    So so so much. So much so that I have to stop reading it during the day in my office, as I am prone to outbursts of uncontrollable laughter, people turn, look at me, and think i'm odd.

    Sorry for so many "so"s.

    B McJ

  8. Dear Bob McJeffsy, thank you so so so much for this comment! It is so so so lovely and it has put a real spring in my step. I think it's made even better because you're a man, and so far Daniel has been my only male reader. It's nice to see some testosterone knocking around these very girly pages. I will cherish you both forever!


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