Friday, 4 May 2012

I Caked It Myself

It's Friday, readers, which means I've arrived at the end of the week, limp with exhaustion and completely unable to muster the creativity to come up with your regular dose of acid-infused sugar.

So it's time for I Caked It Myself, where I hand the reins over to you while I have a gin and tonic for breakfast.

Today's edition is courtesy of reader Leanne, who writes:

Mum had the WW birthday cake book which I have inherited. It’s in perfect nick given Mum’s lack of culinary skill and therefore not used very often if at all. She did manage to give one a whirl though circa 1985ish with one of the easier designs – the Paint Box. I managed to locate a photo...

Here is Leanne cutting her cake. I love her "Miss Australia 1979" swimsuit.
 In recent times I made the Mickey Mouse cake with a little modification in the decorating for my nephew,

 and my daughter’s birthday cake from last year – The Dolly Varden!

This Dolly Varden is much nicer and far less slutty than my  version
 Growing up, my neighbours over the back fence had quite a few WW cakes. My all time fave was the swimming pool. I will never forget the avalanche of green jelly spilling out as the cake was cut.

Enjoy! And good luck with the rest of the cakes – I’m really looking forward to seeing the choo choo train – I always wanted that one!

Leanne, you and I are kindred spirits in the swimming pool stakes. It's my favourite too, and here at work a number of people have requested I bake it for them, and I have said no.  NO FREAKING WAY. It is MINE and I will bake it for MY birthday next year, by which time my skills should have improved a little. 

Thank you so much for these wonderful photos, Leanne. I am in awe of your Dolly Varden and the effort you've gone to - that skirt is a masterpiece. Adding cupcakes to the skirt of the cake, for full cake overload? Genius


  1. great post- found this blog through the age article. my 3 year old niece would go out of her tiny mind at the pink dolly cake!

  2. I loved reading this Leanne. I inherited my nanna's WW cookbook in which she made so many of the brilliant cakes within for myself and my older brother. Whilst she was a talented cake decorator & I am not it was something I held close to my heart and had to have for when I had children of my own. Well a decade on from inheriting the beloved book, I now have a son who's turning 6 this Sunday and I'm making him the footy cake (with the Dolly Varden tin), he lives and breathes footy so I can't wait to see his face. I am doing the baby cake for my daughter the following week as her 3rd birthday is 5 days after my son's. I have made the train cake & was so pleased with it & wish I could post it on here but don't know how!! I've made a cake from the WW book for both of my kids throughout the years & think of my nanna each time I take on the challenge. They aren't as perfect Nanna but hopefully your great grandchildren will remember them as fondly as I remember yours!

    1. Hello Anonymous! I would love to feature your cakes here on I Caked It Myself - just email me the photos and the story behind them, to this address: ! I think the baby cake looks hard so I am very keen to hear how you go with that one .... :-)


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