Thursday, 10 May 2012

I Caked It Myself: by crikey, what a bright ballerina cake this is!

This ballerina cake is totes awesome. And totes pink. And totes hard work!

My sources tell me that the photo only reveals half the story. The full story includes the ballerinas on stage, and butterfly backdrop framed by gold lame (how does one insert the accent over the e of lame in Blogger??) curtains. 

When this picture appeared on a friend's Facebook feed, I immediately requested permission to blog it here.

The baker - who has clearly put in hours of effort with all that detailed and pernickety icing - also had a great tip for finding the little ballerina dolls:

Go straight to Cake Deco in the Port Philip Arcade in town. Do not pass Go. Do not search every toy store between here and Toys R Us.

I will be keeping this advice in mind when I come to bake the ballerina cake myself ......

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  1. If you happen to be in Melbourne, make a point to stumble into this place. It is unreal! Packed to rafters with all sorts of tins and specialised cake things. I was lucky to leave with only a few cookie cutters and my credit card intact. Place is awesome.

    Also, a big fan of the blog! Thanks for fulfilling all my dream cakes (by proxy). Can't wait until you do the sewing box one!!!


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