Friday, 18 May 2012

I Caked It Myself: The Awesome Nellie

Readers, it's Friday. And thank goodness for that.

This week I did quite a bit of running. I ran 8km with my friend Rachel on Tuesday, and 10km with my friend the treadmill yesterday. I also went to boot camp on the other three days. That's FIVE CONSECUTIVE DAYS of exercise people.

And do you think it helped me one bit? No it did not. I gained 160grams. How is that even possible?

I'm so insulted by myself that I can't even muster the energy to write.  So I bring you the latest edition of our reader series: I Caked It Myself.

Nellie is a sprightly sixteen year old who's been cooking and baking for as long as she can remember. Many of her cakes came from The Book originally, and she's taken her inspiration and run with it.

Here are just a few of the many cakes she has made. All of them have some significance to the person they were made for.

 Isn't she clever? Look how adorable that frog is! He looks like the kind of frog that just might turn into a prince. 

Nellie also notes that the penguin cake did not turn out as well as she was hoping, This is because the icing was frozen.  Not frozen because it was in the freezer - no, just because it was in the freezing cold kitchen.  

I know what Nellie means. When The Book says "begin with your butter at room temperature", I have deduced that they mean room temperature in, say, Fiji - not room temperature in autumn in Melbourne.

Nellie also confesses that she did not make the yellow moon cake in these photos. So it is probably just as well that it got eaten before anyone could take a proper  photo of it. 

I think this icecream echidna cake is wonderful. Nellie, which one of these lovely lasses in the picture is you?
(Ed: The Awesome Nellie has emailed to say she is the one in the red!)
And in a true demonstration of her phenomenal cake-baking achievements, I am proud to present to you: The Train Cake. 

The train cake! I am still too scared to try this myself, but The Awesome Nellie has been there, done that, and dusted the flour off her hands to boot.

Nellie finishes off by saying that she thoroughly looks forward to delaying her studying by reading my blog.

I completely endorse that decision. 

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