Friday, 25 May 2012

100 Facebook Followers = cake for one lucky reader!

Whoo hoo! One hundred followers on Facebook!

THAT is a milestone to celebrate, dear readers. And what better way to celebrate than with a cake, of course?

Here's the deal: I will make one lucky Melbourne reader the cake of their choice from The Book, as long as it is not the train or the swimming pool. Those cakes are off limits. Everything else though, is up for grabs.

How do you enter? Leave a comment here on this post, or on the same post on my Facebook page, telling me what you enjoy most about Cake It To The Limit. I will read your comments and will then be able to give you More Of What You Want.

See, it's a win-win situation.

The competition close next Thursday 31 May at 5pm.

I do feel I need to apologise to everyone who reads this blog but doesn't live in Melbourne. I did think about including other cities but I don't think Australia Post would really work for a cake.

But hey, if you live somewhere else and you can get yourself to Melbourne to pick it up - then by all means, enter!

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog. You make my heart sing.



    You write such a great blog; I'm sorry I haven't been commenting as much as I want to. Life & small children keep me away from my computer.

    What I enjoy most about your blog: really, it's your writing. I adore how you describe things. The hunt for the tiny moon men had me giggling for days afterwards, the cub-cakes made me groan and the sexeh Dolly Varden was hugely amusing. (she needs Hollywood tape!) I can rely on your blog to cheer me up.

    It's probably not enough to win me a cake (and if I do, your office mates will probably hunt me down and spike me with cake forks, for prolonging the shortage) but it's all true. Keep baking and keep writing!

  2. I loved your other blog, so of course I followed you over here! You're a fabulous writer and lots of fun to read. We didn't have the AWW cake book when I was growing up (not sure how I managed that in the eighties; Mum would have dismissed it all as 'too fiddly', I'm sure), and I was always slightly baffled by Dolly Varden cakes at birthday parties. It's lovely to finally see the magic of the book after all this time.

    PS I hope your colleagues adore you and bring you many cups of tea.

  3. I was hoping to be the first to say, "Your writing is the best thing about this blog!" - but it seems other people have noticed that too. Every entry cracks me up. I'm so pleased you're blogging again, purely for the contribution it makes to my personal happiness.

    I must send you my cake pics. The only thing stopping me is the effort required to come up with witty enough descriptions to suit this blog.

  4. What I love most about your blog is that it makes me want to eat cake. Not 'adult' cake with nut meals or flower waters in them, but proper butter cream smothered, artificially coloured toddler birthday cakes, with smarties or marshmallows on them. And then, given some time, I usually get my hands on some and eat it, and I wouldn't have looked without the initial prompt. So thank you! You also inspired me to make a proper birthday cake for my two year old last week. Unfortunately for him I'd just given birth to his sister a fortnight prior, so inspiration went nowhere and all he got was a dozen badly iced cupcakes cunningly disguised with sprinkles, but at least I got to eat four of them. Bless you.

  5. As a small child, my mother would torment me by having 'The Book' in her cookbook collection, and never make the goddamn cake birthday I selected from 'The Book' (and it was never the pool or the train).

    So as a fully grown adult (allegedly) I take great delight in reading about your euphoric highs and lowest of lows, all with the wit and charm of ... Robert Downey Jr (?).

    Nonetheless, a wonderful blog and some amazing baking! Could the two go hand in hand any better? I THINK NOT!

    Let's bring it down for a sec...

    Great looking cakes.
    Great commentary.
    Great blog.


    Sorry about so many greats!

    B McJ


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