Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My dentist has hijacked my birthday

Stealth marketing from my dentist! 

It's my birthday tomorrow (so they got the day a little wrong, but never mind). And they sent this message. 

Dear Flickettysplits,

Birthdays are special occasions. As children, we look forward to a birthday with anticipation and excitement. As adults, a birthday often is a time for reflection and renewal. We would like you to know that we are thinking of you on your special day. We hope that the coming year will be filled with health, happiness and success for you and your family.
    All of us here at [my dentist office]

    I really love the way. That the sentences are so blunt. Even the ones that talk about. Anticipation and excitement. Doesn't it just fill you. With a real sense of sincerity?

    No doubt they've sent this message because they - perhaps more than any other profession - are aware of the impact that birthday cake can have. What a sneaky way of reminding me that I should make an appointment. 

    I feel.... hijacked.


    1. Haha! What a funny pre-birthday experience! But perhaps your dentist was only concerned with your dental health that’s why he sent you a message. It may look like stealth marketing for you, but he got some point. We can enjoy the party to our heart’s content, but we should, at least try to be a little bit responsible with our dental health.

      Kaley Baum

    2. Kaley's got a point, Flick. That must be a reminder from your dentist that you be careful with what you’re eating. It doesn't feel good if you're going to lose a tooth once again.

      Jamar Schaffer


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