Thursday, 26 April 2012

Houston, we have a problem

All week, I've been searching for miniature moon men.

I've searched high and low. I've turned Coles and Target and KMart upside down.

I've visited specialist cake decorating stores, ransacked the aisles of $2 shops, and I even went to Toys R Us, more fool me. (I'm still recovering and I'm not ready to talk about it yet.)

It's all the more important because I'm not just doing this cake for the office. No, I'm actually doing it for the birthday of a colleague's son. It's a real birthday and it requires a real cake that looks just like the real picture in The Book.

And in The Book, the number 8 has a space theme. There are green monsters and red aliens and yellow fluffy frosting and it's meant - MEANT - to have little white astronauts on it as well.

So you can understand the pressure that I'm under. A small child might start crying if I don't get this right. I'll have let a colleague down AND made his child cry.

Omigod, the weight of expectation! Is this how parents feel when they're baking a cake for their tot's birthday? Seriously, I can feel my blood pressure rising and it's not even my child. If I can't sort out a solution soon, you will find me in the corner over there behind the desk, rocking and crooning quietly to myself.

This may be the first real stumbling block I've encountered. Tiny astronauts, where are you?

If the situation doesn't improve soon, I'm going to have to improvise. I will cut the guns off the little green soldiers I bought in a panic, and paint their little green bodies white.

My white paint better not be lead-based. That would just top things off perfectly.


  1. Do they need to be edible? I'm thinking Lego would have little astronauts, but that could be a rather expensive option!

  2. I was thinking exactly the same thing as Danielle! Lego?

  3. Searching for "tiny toy astronauts" took me to, which seems to have a bit of a selection. Unfortunately, "space" doesn't seem to be popular any more in the toy world (now, if you'd wanted dinosaurs, or trains, or dinosaur trains...) and these astronauts may have to be shipped over.

    Could you dip the green soldier men in white royal icing? At least then you'd know there was no lead involved.

    Oh and in response to this: "Is this how parents feel when they're baking a cake for their tot's birthday?"

  4. I got some astronaut figurines a couple of years ago from Toy World. They were called Toobz (that's the brand)in a sapce theme. They are normally on a spinning rack and are square tubes with different themes. The tubes are about 20cm long and maybe a 3cm square end. Hope this helps. Good luck!!!!!

  5. I was going to say Lego, but I see that I'm a bit late :) Any luck?

  6. Lego has provided the answer! In the end I thought white paint was not such a good option ... making the child cry would be bad enough, but killing him would be worse, surely??


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