Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter from the Easter Bunny

Hoppy Easter! The Easter Bunny and I hop you are having an egg-cellent day today.

This is not a chocolate cake as one might have egg-xpected for Easter. Instead, I stayed true to the original (that's the original from the book there on the left, and my new one there on the right) and went with a butter cake. I'm not sure I'm up to chocolate interpretations yet.

So this one was lemon flavoured cake, with lemon icing, and covered in coconut - just like I was when I finally finished him. Believe me, there are more engineering challenges in getting coconut to stick to icing than you might ordinarily egg-expect. How on earth did they do it so neatly??

Nevertheless, I think my modern cake is still quite close to the original. His jaunty ears are almost exactly the same, but his neck is a little thicker than The Book version. And he looks cute and sweet, but just check out the points on these licorice claws I made. Rawr.

I took this flopsy bunny to work on Thursday so that je could be enjoyed by my office colleagues. He was very well received, and one of the accountants made my day when he wrote me a POEM in response! I was  egg-static. He said:

As a matter of habit
I don’t eat rabbit
Today I made an exception
To do justice to your “lemony” creation!

I love the fact that my baking is inspiring creativity in others. And when "others" are actually accountants, (who are traditionally not the most driven to artistry in the office) ....well, I think that's just sp-egg-tacular.

I'm slightly concerned, though, that I may also have inadvertently flushed out the office psychopath as well, judging by the way the knife was left in the cake after a certain someone sliced off their piece ...... um....!


  1. Wonderful! Well done! We did this cake last year, for my daughter's fourth birthday, but didn't add the coconut- just left it with Vienna Cream. I'll email you a picture, if you want.
    (oh, and we had leftover cake coming out of our EARS. It's amazing how much cake you need!)

  2. I remember having this cake as a child!! Maybe about 6-7 years old? Brings back memories.
    Nice to see you blogging again, even if it isn't on Toile!!
    How have you been?
    As you are doing the cakes (great idea by the way, but toooooo much temptation for me!) any suggestions for my son's 3rd birthday in August? You will be a big expert by then, so any ideas would be much appreciated....
    Oh, and my niece's 1st birthday in May - we did the No. 1 for David's birthday so looking for something girly :)
    Anyway FGH, good to see you back creating :)
    Ness xx

  3. I think your cake looks heaps better than 'The Book's' version. Just discovered your blog, due to The Age. Great work!

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