Friday, 13 April 2012

Black Friday? No! Colourful BALLOON Friday!

So, incredibly detailed birthday wreath made out of balloons, you think you've got  Pinterest in a lather, do you?

Wagging your vibrant colours all over the interwebs like some supermodel dressed in rubber (don't deny it, you are) and sashaying your endless curves (pow! circle geometry joke!) up and down the fibreoptic superhighway?

Well, you'd be right, incredibly detailed birthday wreath. You are HUGE right now. HUGE.

I can see why.

If I had more patience, or hours in the day, I might try to make you myself. And then I would do a cute little post about the experience and how my wreath turned out looking like a sad imitation of you and how sometimes, homemade things are not better than bought things, even if they ARE made with love.

But I don't have time to do that. So people will have to click this link to find out how to make you for themselves.

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  1. It may be just me but I find something unnerving about the combination of the words "birthday" and "wreath". I mean you could take it to the cemetary butI'm not sure that I would.


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